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Beginning in 2007, the founder of La Gringa Gourmet®, Kathleen Lederer, began commercial production of her famous Gourmet Cheese and Fresh Vegetable Spreads …the culmination of her longtime dream. This Houston native and former school teacher had been cooking for years for friends and family. She loved her profession, but her true passion came from creating in the kitchen. Kathleen had made her famous Jalapeño Cheese Spread to give as a gift to friends and fellow teachers for years – people could not seem to get enough of it, and they kept asking for more.

When Kathleen's daughter, Emily, graduated from Yale University in 2006, the two women decided to team up and begin selling their Jalapeno Cheese Spread and other gourmet appetizer spreads to customers in the Houston area. They rented a friend's commercial kitchen and sold their "Goodies" from a booth at a local Farmer's Market. The strong response prompted Kathleen and Emily to upgrade to a larger scale production facility.

Today La Gringa Gourmet® offers their first three special gourmet spreads with more on the way. Now you too can enjoy and share with your guests and friends the incredible Fresh Flavors of Kathleen's Famous La Gringa Gourmet® Cheese and Vegetable Spreads.

Emily, Kathleen, and Claudia


"Yum! The 'Bleu' Bonnet Spread is so good, I can’t get enough of this stuff."
San Antonio, TX


"The Jalapeño Cheese Spread does not last long at our house. It is addicting."
Houston, TX

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